Gypsum putty

POWER PLAST gypsum putty No. 21 is a dry gypsum binder-based mixture, designed for interior applications. The mixture has long pot life, low consumption rate, is slump resistant, highly adhesive and abrasion resistant.

Scope of application:
This putty mixture is designed for final wall and ceiling levelling, sealing the joints between gypsum and gypsum-fibre boards in dry premises in preparation for further decorative finish: painting, wallpaper, etc.
• EN 13963 certified
• White color
• High plasticity
• Shrink resistant
• Environmentally friendly





Pot life (minutes)

Min. 60

Recommended adhesive thickness (mm)


Adhesion to substrate (MPa)


Strength development time (days)


Mixture consumption per 1 m2 with 1 mm thickness (kg)


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