Light cement plaster No. 16

POWER PLAST light cement plaster (KP IV, F25) is a dry cement binder-based mixture for interior and exterior application by manual and powered tools. The mixture is highly adhesive and strong, is water and frost resistant, and does not shrink.

Scope of application:
Designed for high quality wall and ceiling levelling both outside and inside the accommodations and public facilities for further decorative works. Applied to any solid surfaces: concrete, bricks, gypsum boards, cement plaster, cement-sand mixture, etc.
• EN 998-1 certified
• Shrink resistant
• High water retention and resistance to segregation
• Highly resistant to cracking, thermal insulating and sound proofing properties
• High degree of adhesion
• Made of environmentally friendly materials




Pot life (minutes)

Min. 120

Recommended adhesive thickness (mm)


Flexural strength (MPa)


Compression strength (MPa)


Strength development time (days)


Mixture consumption per 1 m2 with 10 mm thickness (kg)


Frost resistant 

Minimum 50 cycles

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