Composition and types of tile adhesive. Method of application

Состав и виды плиточного клея. Способы применения

If in the past the tile was laid on a regular solution of cement and sand, now in the construction stores an incredible amount of tile adhesives. What kind of glue to choose?

Let us consider these issues in more detail.


There are two main groups:

  • ready-made mixtures in the form of pastes;
  • dry compositions.

Finished paste-like adhesives are sold in small buckets. They are characterized by a homogeneous mass, low flow and high adhesion. Such adhesives can cope with complex areas and bases, but the high cost makes use of paste economically and selectively.

Dry formulations of adhesives based on cement, sold in bags of different packaging. Before use, you need to prepare the glue for the tiles according to the instructions.

Depending on the content of the adhesives are divided into groups:

  • cement-based;
  • epoxy;
  • dispersion;
  • polyurethane.