What are types of spackling mixture


There are many types of fillings. Used for the manufacture of a variety of materials ranging from glue to varnish. There are two variants of writing, reading and pronunciation of this word: putty and putty. The first relates to professional vocabulary, and the second — common.

What types of plasters are

Виды штукатурок

An important step in preparing the walls for further finishing is plastering the walls. It is used in major or cosmetic repairs to align the walls or as a finishing coating. Plaster facades creates a layer that protects them from the negative effects of rain, wind, ultraviolet. In addition, the coating provides additional thermal insulation effect. This reduces energy consumption for air conditioning in summer and heating in winter. For this purpose, use different types of plaster, different composition, characteristics, features of application.

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Расширение дилерской сети

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Composition and types of tile adhesive. Method of application

Состав и виды плиточного клея. Способы применения

If in the past the tile was laid on a regular solution of cement and sand, now in the construction stores an incredible amount of tile adhesives. What kind of glue to choose?

Let us consider these issues in more detail.

How to choose plaster


Today, the choice of finishing materials is large enough and even such an object as plaster can be different and used depending on the chosen repair technology.