How to choose plaster


Today, the choice of finishing materials is large enough and even such an object as plaster can be different and used depending on the chosen repair technology.


  • Cement-sand mortar-rough work on the finishing of the primary walls, used to eliminate significant defects in the old plaster and monolithic wall;
  • Plaster – used for putty over cement-sandy solution, resolves the remaining minor defects, and pasted it over the Wallpaper in the subsequent repair can be easily separated;
  • Decorative plaster-used after putty and is an alternative to Wallpaper or other decorative coatings, can have different shades and a variety of inclusions, separately produced decorative plaster for facade work.

Primary works on plastering are always carried out by a cement-sand solution, it can be got already ready.

It is necessary to check the condition of the cement, so that it was not expired, otherwise the setting of the solution will be weak.

It also matters whether the work is carried out outside or inside, for outdoor work, as part of the solution used frost-resistant cement grade.

Plaster on the basis of plaster today are used almost more often than the classic cement-sand plaster mixture.

However, here the consumer is offered several types of finishing material, besides from different manufacturers, so there is always something to choose from.

Gypsum putty allows you to achieve perfect flatness, which in turn guarantees perfect overlay of paint or Wallpaper.

Because by itself, the gypsum is quite an expensive material, using it for rough-in work is not acceptable, so all of the mixture based on it are used only for finishing the preparation walls and ceilings.

Today the faultless producer of this type of material is LLC Rusgips firm.

The range of products manufactured here for plastering over cement-sand mortar, drywall or concrete can satisfy the needs of any volume for all types of construction.

In the process, it is recommended to use plaster the same manufacturer, because although the recipe is very well-known, each of the brands can present their achievements, one way or another affect the end result.